Proper Fence Building Etiquette and Tips

FenceWorks of Georgia

If you are a DIY type then building a fence might be the perfect weekend project for you, depending on the material. If not, a great Atlanta fence contractor can get the job done!  A standard wooden picket fence is a great choice when trying to decide on a residential fence.  Just remember, a fence will not just affect you, it may affect your neighbors as well and if you are not very careful about its placement then it could cause big problems.

To build a fence that will add value to your property and still stay on good terms with your neighbors, you will need to:

  • Neighbor Fence | Wooden Fence | FenceWorks of GeorgiaStay on your side – Study your plat so you know exactly where your property ends and stay within that limit. If you don’t have a plat you may need to get a surveyor over to look at your property. Our contractors say that a good rule of thumb is to set your fence back about a foot from the border.
  • Obey the rules – There will be a lot of local zoning questions to look into like how high it can be, what are the setbacks and are there any special restriction on your lot. A standard fence height is six feet and a front yard setback is four feet but that doesn’t mean it will be true for your area. Find out everything you can before you build a fence you may have to tear back down.
  • Listen to your HOA if you have one – Even when hiring a fencing company to build your new fence, you have the responsibility of dealing with your HOA. They can have rules covering everything from the color, style, fencing material and height so you need to read up on their guidelines before you start a fencing project.

Our fence contractors, at FenceWorks of Georgia, can help you when deciding on where to start your new fence.  We offer a variety of residential and commercial fences for any need and have years of experience when it comes to fence installation.  Call us today for a free quote on a new fence, and keep your neighbors happy.