5 Ways to Enhance Your Landscape with Ornamental Fences

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Ornamental fences have many uses around your home and landscape. There is a reason that the American dream house is described as being surrounded by a white picket fence. The right fencing can not only add security but it can enhance the beauty of your home or even bring out the hidden features in your landscape. If you are looking for ways to add new accents to your yard then you should read over the following five uses for ornamental fencing.

Atlanta Fence | Ornamental Fence | Atlanta Fence Company1st use for ornamental fencing:  Structure for Hanging Plants. There are a lot of different types of plants that need the added structure of a fence to grow. Many varieties of vines and roses need something to hold onto as they get taller and sometimes a trellis is just too weak. Ornamental fencing is strong enough to support plants on its own or be used anywhere in your yard to add extra stability for your climbing plants.

2nd use for ornamental fencing: Privacy Fencing. Most people use a privacy fence around a location that they like to hang out or entertain in. In these situations you do not want to use an ugly, utilitarian fence because everyone will be looking at it. An ornamental fence on the other hand, can be used to enhance the look of your backyard pool or BBQ pit while keeping out the prying eyes of passerby. It can also be used to section off larger areas into smaller more intimate spaces.

3rd use for ornamental fencing: Enhance a Landscaping Feature. Sometimes you can place a fountain or bench in your backyard that looks good but just doesn’t draw the eye. The addition of an ornamental fence as a backdrop can help to frame the landscaping feature and attract people to it.

4th use for ornamental fencing: Hide Your Air Conditioner. In the hot southern summers, no one can do without their A/C but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to look at it either. A nice little ornamental fence can help to hide your air conditioning unit from view while still keeping you cool and comfortable.

5th use for ornamental fencing: Flower Bed Fencing. Flower beds are often a labor of love and one of the worst things that owners can think of is something stomping through them. A small ornamental fence can help to frame your flower bed while preventing anyone from accidentally tromping through the tulips.