5 Things to Know Before You Build Your Fence

Building a Fence

A fence can do a lot of things for your home from protection to curb appeal. It may seem like an easy project to DIY and many people try but you need to know your facts going in. If you plan on working with a professional fencing company then they will work with you to get everything planned out before the project starts. But if you plan on going it alone, you had better ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1.  Building a FenceWhat will the fence do? Seems like a simple question but you will need a different kind of fence if you want it for a pool, a boundary or some privacy. Let’s say you want a standard fence to keep your kids and pets in the backyard. There are many different variations and materials that can fit the bill.
  2. What will you use as fencing material? A wood fence is a popular choice because it looks so homey but is it right for you? They are the most vulnerable to deterioration over time and need the most maintenance. Chain link is a versatile material that can be used in any number of fences but it can rust and some people find it to be unattractive in a neighborhood.
  3. How much can you spend? A lot of different fencing materials can serve the same purpose and the costs will vary quite a bit. So, if money is an issue, you could install a wooden fence in the front yard where everyone can see but install a less expensive chain link fence in the backyard.
  4. What kind of fencing does your neighborhood allow? Home Owners Associations can be nasty if you cross them so you should do your research. Otherwise you may install a beautiful fence that you have to tear down as soon as they find it.
  5. Have you considered a living wall? Some people find that using hedges or large bushes in place of fencing accomplishes their goals while beautifying the property.

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