Will Your Fence Survive The Winter? More About Winter Fence Maintenance

You’ve invested money in your fence, so hopefully you’ve invested time and a little cash to ensure it has been properly maintained. While some types of fences are hardier than others, it doesn’t matter what it is made of, winter fence maintenance is key to its longevity.

winter-fence-fenceworks-of-gaNow, as winter looms, you need to be sure your fence will survive the tough tests the elements are likely to impose on it.

Of course, it depends on where you live, and how harsh or relatively mild winter conditions usually are, but:

  • Wind can damage any structure, including fencing. If posts aren’t secure, gale-force winds could rip them out of footings. If railings and panels have come loose, perhaps because of windy weather during the fall, they could also pull apart. The wind can also blow adjacent structures over, and these can easily damage a fence.
  • Rain will wet fencing, which may not be a problem unless it has not been properly sealed. Even if the fence was sealed when it was initially erected, if it has not been maintained, and stained and/or sealed regularly, moisture can start to permeate the whole fence structure if it is wood, or joins, if it is made of another material. If this happens mold might start to form, and if it’s wooden, it could begin to rot.
  • Snow has a similar effect to rain, but because it is heavy, its very weight can cause damage if parts of the structure have come loose or are broken, or if parts of it are splitting, splintering, or sagging.

Last Minute Tips to Ensure Your Fence Does Survive Winter

Now is not the time to repaint or stain and seal your fence, but you do need to check that there isn’t any form of damage that could deteriorate further through winter.

If posts are leaning, straighten them, or at least prop them up securely. If any elements have come loose, re-bolt, screw or nail the pieces together. If the wood has split, you really should replace it.

If tree branches are hanging over the fence, it’s a good idea to trim them as the wind might break them and they could then fall on your fence and damage it.

If you haven’t paid attention to your fence for the past year, and there are problems you cannot solve yourself, then enlist the help of professionals. There’s not much time left.

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