Which Material Makes a Better Atlanta Pet Fence

This Atlanta fence contractor talks about some of the different options that you, as a pet owner, have for your Atlanta pet fence.

One of the best ways to protect your pet and your neighbors is to simply have a pet fence installed. They are not that expensive and the right fencing choice can even add value to your home. Here are a couple of factors that you need to think about:

First ask yourself — How big is your pet?

  • If you have a large pet or a small one with a great high jump then you will need:
  1. Chain Link – This type is very common because it utilizes a strong wire mesh that doesn’t allow animals to pass through or jump over. Very common as a backyard fence.
  2. Privacy – Privacy fences are extremely secure because they use solid slabs of material, usually wood, that prevents access as well as prying eyes.
  3. PVC – Vinyl fences are low maintenance and they can last forever. They are extremely durable but if you have a big dog that loves to chew then you may want to go with one of the other options.
  • Smaller dogs generally need:
  1. Post and Rail with a screen – These fences are usually wood with a very open weave. They are perfect for covering a large perimeter and they offer a great aesthetic. The addition of the screen is crucial to keep smaller animals from passing through the fence and provide extra security.
  2. Picket Style – Generally wooden fences with a very tight design that doesn’t provide any holes for a pet to squeeze through. They are similar to the standard privacy fence and provide quite a bit of security.
  3. What kind of fence will best fit your home? There is a vast array of fencing options available so it is important to decide what you need for your situation because odds are you will be able to find a material to fit the bill.
    1. Wood – The most common fencing material and it can be used to surround a rustic country cabin as easily as an upscale mansion.
    2. Vinyl – More durable than wood but not quite as strong as chain link or aluminum. It can be made to look like any material or color that you can think of so it is the most versatile.
    3. Chain link – A fantastic combination of economy and security. It may look out of place surrounding the country club but it fits in most situations.
    4. Aluminum – Perfect for more upscale properties as it has many ornamental options to choose from and looks stylish when installed.