Use Your Tax Refund to Build Your Dream Fence

Are you expecting a tax refund?

If you’ve been dreaming of a beautiful new fence, this is an excellent opportunity to make your dreams come true. Aside from the benefits of privacy and security, building your dream fence will add value to your property long term.


What Type of Fence Will Suit Your Home?

Fences are varied and versatile ranging from simple chain link to sophisticated vinyl and pretty wooden picket fences. The design and height of your dream fence will depend largely on the purpose you want it to fulfill.

  • Fences built for privacy should be solid so that people cannot see through them. Similarly, they should be high enough to prevent passers-by and neighbors from peering over. PVC, vinyl, and wood are generally the best options in terms of type. Just remember that there are local codes that govern the maximum height of fences. Generally, they can be higher at the sides and back of the property than at the front.
  • Fences planned primarily for security don’t have to be solid, but they must be impenetrable. This means that whatever type of fence you decide to build must not provide any type of foothold (horizontal rails for example) that an intruder could use to scale the fence. Just about any material can be used for a security fence: wood, PVC or vinyl, metal, or chain link.
  • A fence that is erected to keep children and/or animals contained and safe mustn’t have accessible horizontal rails either. Vertical rails must also be sufficiently close to prevent children or pets from squeezing through. It is also important that they are sturdy and high enough to prevent children from climbing over them or cats and dogs jumping over them. All types are suitable, but the design is paramount.
  • If your dream fence is going to support plants or provide a backdrop for them, a trellis might be the ideal option. Alternatively, you could alternate trellis panels with solid wood panels for effect.

FenceWorks of Georgia Can Build Your Dream Fence

If you live in Georgia, FenceWorks can help make your dreams come true. We can provide any fence you want to meet your needs. We also offer a top quality service to meet your budget.

So, if you’re expecting a tax refund soon, and you’re keen to build your dream fence, we’re the people to contact.