The Benefits of Installing a Metal Fence

Industrial Chain Link

A great local Atlanta fence company talks about metal fencing. It comes in many different forms and can be used in residential, commercial and even industrial settings. They are generally installed for security, boundary markers, and ornamentation. The most common types of metal fences are chain link, and iron.

The benefits of chain link are:

  • Versatility – Chain link is one of the most widely used types of metal fencing. It is equally appropriate for providing security to an industrial site, an outside pool, a daycare or your backyard.
  • Low Cost – Chain link has the lowest purchase and installation cost of any type of metal fencing.
  • Visibility – Chain link has an open weave that allows you to see anything that is happening on the other side. It is perfectly suited for keeping small children or pets safely in your yard where you can supervise them.

The benefits of iron fencing are:

  • Solid Security – Iron fencing uses a heavier gauge metal than chain link so it is much harder to cut or bend. Also, the tops are often pointed to prevent anyone from trying to climb over.
  • AestheticsFences of this type, especially the wrought iron fences, are associated with large mansions and elegance. They can give your property a sense of sophistication and style.
  • Extremely Long Life Span – Wrought iron fences last much longer than other fencing types and they are low maintenance as well.
  • Customization – Iron fencing has a very deep selection of design options. These allow you to customize the look of your fence to perfectly match your home.

Metal fences have many great qualities beyond the ones listed here, as well as many uses. Whether you’re looking to protect a residential property, or need one for commercial use a well qualified Atlanta fence company will have what you’re looking for to build and install your metal fence.