Plan Your Fence Project This Winter with FenceWorks

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Winter may not be an obvious time to plan outdoor projects, but in fact, it is the perfect time to plan for a long-lasting fence, particularly if you don’t have one yet or your old one is too worn to maintain.

If you get going with the project late in winter or early spring, it will be complete before the summer months and you will get the full benefit during the months when outdoor living can be a welcome reality.

The Planning Process for a Long Lasting Fence

Atlanta Custom FenceThe first step in the planning process will be to decide where your new fence will go and what function it will fulfill. This might not seem like rocket science, but these decisions actually play a vital role in terms of the design and height of a fence, as well as the materials chosen for construction.

Fences for safety and security are commonly built around the perimeter of a property. Some privacy fences also double as perimeter fences, though they may also be built on a smaller part of the lot, for example around an entertainment patio, a swimming pool, or a hot water spa. Similarly, fences that are designed to block the wind, cut out noise, or screen utility areas or an ugly view, may also be planned along or around a specific space. Fences may also be constructed to form a backdrop for plants, and in this way, they can become a successful landscaping tool.

So once you have decided the function your new fence will fulfill, you can decide which long-lasting material will be best for the job. And then you can get on with finding a reputable fence contractor to do the job for you. If you live in the state of Georgia, Atlanta-based FenceWorks of Georgia can help you achieve and complete your plan.

How to Choose the Longest Lasting Fence Material for Your Project

The longest lasting fencing materials include aluminum, steel, PVC/vinyl, and wood. Price does vary, along with design and height, and some materials are better suited for different types of fences than others.

In addition to the function a fence will fulfill, you need to decide whether it will be strictly utilitarian – and based on what it will do – or also ornamental.  Generally, commercial fencing tends to be mostly utilitarian and practical; domestic fences are often designed to be both practical and pretty.

If metal is the material you want, the choice for a new fence will be between aluminum and mild steel, which may or may not be galvanized to protect it from rust. Both may be used in an ornamental manner, and for numerous types of fencing that will serve just about any purpose related to safety and security. Metal is incredibly long lasting, but it isn’t a good option for privacy or screening.

PVC and vinyl fences may be solid or made in imitation of wooden picket fences or even post and rail. They generally look attractive and are easy to maintain. Wood is not as long lasting as vinyl, but if you maintain it regularly it will last a very long time. Wood is also an incredibly versatile material that can be fashioned in a multitude of styles.

Once you decide what you want, or if you need advice, contact FenceWorks of Georgia. We will advise on the best starting date for your project and get it complete within your chosen timeframe. So call us soon!