What Are the Benefits of Metal Fences, Like Aluminum and Steel

Metal fences have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, for good reasons. Metal fences finish high on people’s list of important home improvements because they add enormous curb appeal and are extremely durable. Investing in a metal fence promises a solid ROI because of how long they last and their visual appeal. Metal […]

5 Ways to Enhance Your Landscape with Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fences have many uses around your home and landscape. There is a reason that the American dream house is described as being surrounded by a white picket fence. The right fencing can not only add security but it can enhance the beauty of your home or even bring out the hidden features in your […]

Which Material Makes a Better Atlanta Pet Fence

This Atlanta fence contractor talks about some of the different options that you, as a pet owner, have for your Atlanta pet fence. One of the best ways to protect your pet and your neighbors is to simply have a pet fence installed. They are not that expensive and the right fencing choice can even […]

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Residential Fence

This Atlanta fence company wants to help you decide what type of residential fence would be best suited for you.  There are a lot of choices out there so it can be overwhelming especially for first time home owners. When you start to explore the different fencing options that are available, you need to keep […]

The Top 5 Reasons to Install a Pool Fence this Summer

Now that spring has arrived a few of you are probably making plans to install a pool, and a pool fence. The proper fence can be just as important as how big the pool is, or where you will put it. Most people think that a fence is only needed for aesthetics but there are much […]

3 Reasons to Protect Your Residence with a Drive Way Gate

This Atlanta fence contractor wants homeowners can benefit from having a drive way gate installed. For instance, a lot of home insurers will give you a discount on your premium if you are using a gate as part of your security system. Anyone can benefit fron having a driveway fence installed whether you have a […]

Spring Maintenance for Your Wooden Fence

Your local Alpharetta GA fence company knows that soon everyone will be planning barbecues and family gatherings during Spring. You may be ready to go and play in the yard but is your yard ready for company? Most wooden fences have been sealed against the elements, and only need a little bit of help to stay in […]

The Top 4 Best Fence Materials

With spring rapidly approaching there is no better time to start building that new fence.  Your local Atlanta fence company wants to tell you about all the different fence materials, and what they would best be suited for. Metal Fences – Metal fences are best for marking boundaries.  They can sanction off a garden, property, […]

The Art of Atlanta Garden Gates

Atlanta gates for gardens are becoming increasingly popular, and with that popularity you may have noticed that several new names for Atlanta gates have been created, such as “portals” or “transitional spaces”. No more is an Atlanta gate simply a gate. Atlanta gates are ways to define your garden space and enhance your overall fence […]

Fun Ideas for Your Pool Fence

Got a pool? Then you’re probably considering building a pool fence in Atlanta. There are many reasons to build a pool fence in Atlanta, but hands down the biggest reason is for safety — especially if you have children, or even if there’s a possibility neighborhood children might be tempted to use your pool on […]