Iron Gate | Benefits and Drawbacks

Pro's & Con's of an Iron Gate

An iron gate is a great way to prevent intruders from coming on the property, keep kids safe from passing cars as well as family pets out of the reach of thieves or other animals that could harm them.  Yet, nothing is perfect and there are some drawbacks to an iron gate that those looking to build one should consider.  Here there will be a few of the pro’s and con’s to erecting an iron gate, but to get the full story it’s smart to consult with a professional contractor.  Not only can they shed more light on whether or not this is the best fit, but they can give estimates on what the job will cost, the warranty of labor/materials, as well as examples of the other enclosures they can build.

Benefits of an iron gate:

1)      An iron gate is installed with materials that stand up against the damage time and inclement weather cause to other structures made of wood or even brick/stone.

2)      It doesn’t have the trouble with insect damage that other materials face.

3)      Cleaning and maintenance is relatively simple and doesn’t require attention often.

4)      It doesn’t need paint, stain or other treatment which makes other building materials more expensive.

5)      The components of an iron gate don’t have to be replaced as often, if at all.

6)      These increase curb appeal and fit practically any budget and/or existing home/commercial structure.

7)      The design and flair is only limited by the imagination and/or budget.

8)      These are a fantastic security brand of enclosure which can be even safer with an automatic or manual locking mechanism.

Iron gate drawbacks:

1)      The initial construction can often be more costly than using:

–          wood

–          chain link

–          aluminum

–          vinyl

–          steel

2)      These are permanent structures that are difficult to remove when the desire arises to change the look of a structure.  Other materials are much easier to remove and replace, but with all the bonuses of an iron gate, the con’s are far outweighed by the pro’s.

An iron gate, as with all gates/fences, should be seen as an investment as they often increase the value of a home and well as boosting the overall aesthetics neighbors will surely envy.  To get started consult websites for a few ideas, but to make sure the job is done correctly the first time call a trustworthy local contractor to provide the materials and labor.  Make that “to-do list” shorter this summer by letting someone else do the labor as well as return when necessary to fix any problem areas.