How to Repair a Hole in Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences have gained a near legendary reputation for low maintenance. If they get dirty, you just have to wash them off and they will look the same for decades. That is mostly true. A little soap and water can make a vinyl fence look like it did the day you installed it but unfortunately, they are not indestructible. Occasionally, a vinyl fence will pick up a little superficial damage and the most common type is a hole.


If you have found a hole in your vinyl fence then you will need to get a few things together before you start the fence repair. You will need:

  • Expanding Foam Insulation
  • Plastic Body Filler
  • Spray Paint
  • A Hand Saw
  • Rags
  • Water
  • Medium Grit Sandpaper

Once you have your supplies, just follow these eight steps:

  1. Clean the area around the hole using the rags and water. Then use the sandpaper to sand a three inch area around the hole.
  2. Look at the hole and decide if it is larger than an inch and a half in diameter. If it is smaller then you will not need the foam and you can ignore the next few steps. If it is larger, continue to the next step.
  3. Slowly spray the foam into the hole so that it has time to expand. You will want to continue spraying until some foam comes out the other side of the hole. Once that happens you will need to let it dry overnight.
  4. If the foam is dry, saw off the excess foam from either side of the hole.
  5. Sand what is left of the foam down until the center is a little below the fence surface. Just a dent is all you need. Make sure that you wipe away all of the debris and the dust.
  6. Fill the dent/hole with the plastic body filler and let it dry as directed.
  7. Once it is dry, sand the filler until it is flush with the surface of the fence.
  8. Clear away all the dust and debris. Then paint the area to match the rest of the fence.