Great Dog Fences for Pet Owners

Great Dog fences in Atlanta GA can be difficult when many areas don’t allow a traditional, aboveground fence to be installed.  An underground fence is a great way to keep a do safe without building a traditional fence.  To do this the best way to start is by installing the fence underground per the directions and then place markers around the yard to show the perimeter.  This enables a pet owner to see the barrier and speed up the training process as the puppy can see it too.  Put enough markers close together so that the dog definitely sees the property line.

To make sure the underground fence is most effective, follow these steps:

–          Put the electric collar on the dog and give it time to get used to it.

–          At first don’t let it loose in the yard with the fence.  Put the batteries in later to ease the pet into wearing the collar first.

–          Adjust the fence to only sound an alarm to begin the training process.  This prevents the pet from getting an electric shock while alerting the pet owner to know if it wanders out of the yard.  Installing the batteries and turning on the electric current later aids the pet in not growing leery of collars in the future.

–          Walk the dog around the yard on a lead and gently pull the dog away from the underground fence once the warning noise sounds.  Reward the dog for obeying the command to teach it how to listen for the warning sound.  Repeat this process for 7 to 14 days or until the puppy begins to learn to avoid crossing the fence line.

–          Turn on the electric current and adjust it to a level just high enough to get the animal’s attention.  Take the puppy off the leash and give it time to get used to the fence.  With the markers still in place the dog should recognize the allowed running space.  Yet, if it does walk too far, it will receive a shock.  Be sure to reward the dog for coming back from the fence to prevent the animal from being afraid of going outside the home.

Great dog fences for Atlanta GA pet owners are specialized due to the urban surroundings.  Remember that some dogs may need a higher charge due to its size or energy level.  If the dog is a high energy breed it’s a smart idea to increase the charge.  Of course, bigger dogs will need a higher level as well.  Some pet owners believe that this is cruel cruelty, but in Atlanta GA there are areas that will not allow a traditional fence, or it’s simply not in the budget.  An underground fence allows the puppy to play outside, and continue to do so as it gets bigger.  A dog should be able to play outside and not locked up indoors all day.  The underground fence is a great way to keep puppies safe in Atlanta GA.  For help building a great dog fence, contact only the best in fence installation.