Fencing Makeover Ideas From Atlanta Fence Contractor

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Summer is just around the corner, so if you haven’t got your yard in shape yet, don’t waste any more time. While a good clean up will help to get your outdoor spaces looking good, a fencing makeover could result in a visual transformation guaranteed to inspire some enjoyable outdoor living experiences in the months ahead.

Start off with general spring-cleaning. Sweep and clean the entire outdoor area, including any permanent structures like walls, steps, barbecues and other built features. Trim unruly shrubs, bushes and trees to neaten them, and get rid of the debris. Also remove dead plants and weeds, and dig over the soil in garden beds.

Finally, if your yard is fenced, check the fence for damage and do any repairs that are necessary – or call in an Atlanta fence company to do the repairs for you.

Doing a fencing makeover entails more than basic maintenance, but these top ten fencing makeover ideas from an Atlanta fence contractor are guaranteed to inspire even the most reluctant do-it-yourselfers. And if you aren’t inspired to do the work yourself, you can always call in the pros to do it for you.

An Atlanta Fence Contractor’s Top Ten Makeover Ideas for Fencing

The route you take when doing a fence makeover will depend on several factors, including the type of fencing you have. For instance, you can paint a pretty picket fence a different color and achieve a lovely result, but it’s not a practical solution for a neglected chain link fence that has started to rust.

So what to do?

  1. Rejuvenate your fence either by re-staining and re-sealing it, or by giving the worn surface a coat of paint. Choose a color that will match or blend with your house and garden.
  2. If your fence is already painted, choose a new color and transform it instantly with new life. Be sure to follow the right procedure, including scraping and sanding any loose paint or peelingpaint.
  3. Both solid wood and vinyl fences can be used for murals and stencils, either inside or outside the property. But don’t try this approach unless you have at least a little experience. Murals and stencils can look amazing – but badly done they can also look awful
  4. Wooden Fence Installation Canton, GAIf your fence is stained and sealed, you can use it as a backdrop for shrubs and climbers. Instead of using the fence to introduce color to your yard, color-coordinate plants and flowers. Your local nursery will advise on suitable plants.
  5. Tired old chain link fences can also be used as a backdrop for plants. Additionally, it can be used very successfully to support climbers and creepers because you can feed shoots through the links, or use the links to tie the plants to the fence. Just be careful not expect chain link fencing to support heavy creepers that could cause the fencing to start leaning over.
  6. Trellis on a wooden fence can also help you create a “green” fence, and even more easily than training creepers and other plants through chain link. It’s a bit more expensive, but usually more worthwhile.
  7. You can use moss to create a “green” fence as well. It might degrade the material over time, but if the fence is already worn you can use it to create some really interesting moss art. Of course if you have a concrete or brick wall, moss art has huge appeal.
  8. Regardless of the type of fence you have, you can hang plants in containers over it. The method you use to hang plants will be determined by the type of fence – some types make it easier than others. So, for instance if a fence is made of wooden slats, you will be able to hang pots and other containers at different levels. Use your imagination.
  9. You can also transform a fence by creating a vertical herb or veggie garden alongside it. This kind of makeover has amazing advantages and it also looks wonderful.
  10. Finally, you can use bamboo panels to hide the existing fence and then plant so that the bamboo panels, fence and plants meld together. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this earlier.

If you can’t imagine what your old fence will look like after a makeover, either just give it a try, or call an Atlanta fence company for help. But do it now because spring has already opened its doors for the summer of 2016.