Choosing the Best Fence for Your Needs

Fence Types | FenceWorks of GA

Fencing by definition encloses certain areas and forms a barrier. But in reality fences have many more specific uses and they fulfill a number of different functions.

So, before you decide what kind of fence you are going to build it is important to define your needs. Once you have done that you can look at the type of fence that will best meet these needs, as well as the materials to use.

What Type of Fence Do You Need?

Fence Types | FenceWorks of GAWhen we consider the function we want our fences to fulfill we need to be inclusive and to look at both primary and secondary needs.

For instance, you might want to secure your property with a perimeter fence that defines your boundary, but you want it to be aesthetically pleasing rather than focus simply on security aspects. Similarly, you may want a fence that will improve or boost the appearance of your property, but you also want it to increase your privacy and in this way improve the quality of outdoor living you enjoy in summer. In some instances, people have multiple needs they hope a fence can fulfill.

The most obvious functions we want our fences to fulfill are:

  • Privacy Fences are fabulous tools for providing privacy in and around the backyard. Whether built around the entire perimeter or just to shield certain areas they need to be solid and relatively high to fulfill this need.
  • Security Fences are the no-brainer solution for security, whether at home or around a business or commercial property. The type of fence you opt for will depend on the level of security you need as well as your secondary needs. For instance, a visually open but high chainlink fence will prevent access, but if you don’t want prying eyes either then a solid fence of some sort will be necessary. If it needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as secure, a wrought iron or mild steel ornamental fence would be a better option.
  • Safety Not the same as security fencing, fences built to keep us safe include anything that will help us either protect children (for instance with swimming pool fencing), contain or keep animals out of the yard, or form a barrier of some sort for another reason.
  • Control of the elements Whether you opt for fencing designed for purpose or a much smaller screen idea, these structures can be incredibly effective when it comes to tempering the effect of wind, noise, and sunshine. Different materials work better than others depending on the effect you need to achieve.
  • Aesthetics There is no doubt that some fences are prettier than others. But different materials will create a different effect. You might like the picture a pretty little picket fence portrays, but if security is a secondary issue then you’ll be better off with an ornamental metal fence that wards off intruders.

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