Atlanta Fence Company: Best Fences for Screening

People build fences for all sorts of reasons: for protection or safety reasons; to keep people and animals in or out of a property; for wind or noise control; or to screen an area for privacy or shield service and work areas from view. Fences and screens are similar in many ways, particularly in form […]

Atlanta Fence Company: Best Rural Fencing Ideas

Whether you live in a city in Georgia, or in a small town or rural community, the most suitable fencing for your property will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. But design, style and the materials chosen for the fencing will depend mostly on your needs. Having identified why you need a fence, you can […]

Tips and Advice for Tearing Down an Old Fence

A nice white washed fence will do a lot to enhance the appeal of your home but an old dilapidated, gray fence will not do your resale value any favors. Tearing an old fence down is a relatively simple project that you can probably do in a weekend, depending on its size. But before you […]

Should You Rebuild Your Fence Before Selling Your Home?

Things have started looking up for homeowners who are interested in putting their property up for sale. For years now, the market for residential property has been stagnating, with houses lingering for years. But recently, sales have been steadily picking up across the country. The downside to this increased activity in the market is that […]

What Type of Fence Would be Best for Your Home?

Deciding on the right fence often takes more deliberation than you might expect. It is a design decision because you want it to blend seamlessly with your home but it also serves a specific function.  A privacy fence may look great but you would never want one around your pool and you wouldn’t want to […]

Stain Your Wooden Fence and Get it Looking Great for Summer

Wooden fences are by far the most popular with Atlanta Fence Builders. They add a homey touch to your property while serving many different functions. A Wooden Fence can be used to keep your children and pets safely in the yard, keep out your neighbors prying eyes or just act as a boundary demarcation. The […]

How to Decorate Your Picket Fence for Summer

If you have a picket fence, perhaps that stark, white picket fence encircling your front yard is too bland for your taste. The picket fence has long been a staple of the American dream involving a home, kids, and a dog. Yet, you never hear much about how to spruce up that picket fence for […]

Perform Summer Maintenance on Your Fence to Make it Last

Summer fence maintenance is important to keep up with every year as temperatures soar and the humidity threatens your fence.  Even if the structure around your property is made of wrought iron or chain link, the heat and humidity of Georgia summers can wreak havoc on hinges, joints, and begin to rust the metal itself. […]

Before You Build! What are the Pool Fence Guidelines in Atlanta, GA?

Pools are always a welcome addition to any property but before you fill your pool and get down to some serious relaxing, you must have a regulation barrier in place, also known as a pool fence. It is a good idea to contact an Atlanta Pool Fence Company for installation because a lot more goes […]

Enjoy Your Backyard this Spring and Summer with a New Privacy Fence!

Spring is here.  Finally it is time to begin cleaning, planting and sprucing up your yard so that you can enjoy this warmer weather outdoors.  The Atlanta fence contractors at Fenceworks of Georgia suggest that you add a privacy fence to your property to rest and relax in peace.  Privacy fences are great additions to […]