Perform Summer Maintenance on Your Fence to Make it Last

Summer fence maintenance is important to keep up with every year as temperatures soar and the humidity threatens your fence.  Even if the structure around your property is made of wrought iron or chain link, the heat and humidity of Georgia summers can wreak havoc on hinges, joints, and begin to rust the metal itself. […]

Enjoy Your Backyard this Spring and Summer with a New Privacy Fence!

Spring is here.  Finally it is time to begin cleaning, planting and sprucing up your yard so that you can enjoy this warmer weather outdoors.  The Atlanta fence contractors at Fenceworks of Georgia suggest that you add a privacy fence to your property to rest and relax in peace.  Privacy fences are great additions to […]

How to Repair a Wooden Fence Pt. 2 – Fence Sections

Replacing a rail or post on wooden fences is a fairly straightforward process. It only affects a small area and usually doesn’t take long to do. When you have to replace an entire fence section, it gets a little more in depth. If you are not comfortable working with your hands then you may want […]

How to Repair a Wooden Fence Pt. 1 – Railing

Wooden fences are one of the most common types of fencing in neighborhoods and subdivisions. They add a lot to the look of your home but being wood, they are susceptible to rot and deterioration. With a few materials, you can try to make repairs on your wooden fence yourself but if the damage is […]

Cold Weather is Coming, Start Winterizing Your Fence Now

Regardless of the type of fence you have whether it’s wooden or metal you need to protect it from the harsh Georgia winters.  Fences provide security to your home.  They keep your children and pets safe, and the deter intruders.  You want to ensure that you maintain your fence so that it will continue to […]

Which Material Makes a Better Atlanta Pet Fence

This Atlanta fence contractor talks about some of the different options that you, as a pet owner, have for your Atlanta pet fence. One of the best ways to protect your pet and your neighbors is to simply have a pet fence installed. They are not that expensive and the right fencing choice can even […]

DIY Wooden Fence Repair

Fenceworks of GA wants to share a few easy ways to repair your wooden fence.  This DIY tutorial is simple, and can save you money by taking an hour or so to do it yourself.  Wooden fences are a great way to keep your home secure and maintain privacy.  Here are a few DIY tips […]

How to Choose the Perfect Fence Material

For a long time, building a fence was a rather simple process. You could choose from wood, stone or wrought iron depending on the style of fence that you wanted and what role you needed it to play. People chose wood for its low cost and wrought iron for enhanced security. Today there are many […]

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Residential Fence

This Atlanta fence company wants to help you decide what type of residential fence would be best suited for you.  There are a lot of choices out there so it can be overwhelming especially for first time home owners. When you start to explore the different fencing options that are available, you need to keep […]

Spring Maintenance for Your Wooden Fence

Your local Alpharetta GA fence company knows that soon everyone will be planning barbecues and family gatherings during Spring. You may be ready to go and play in the yard but is your yard ready for company? Most wooden fences have been sealed against the elements, and only need a little bit of help to stay in […]