Which Residential Fence Options Last the Longest?

Residential fence options are vast and varied both in terms of the materials that can be used and the styles that can be utilized. Some will last longer than others, although good, regular maintenance goes a long way to extending the lifespan of any fence. So what are the best options for long-lasting residential fences? […]

Don’t Let the Summer Sunshine Affect Your Fence

Summer sunshine brightens up our lives, but it can have quite the opposite effect on our fences and other outdoor structures. In fact, sunlight does more damage to more materials than any other natural element, including wood, vinyl, and even some types of metal. How Sunshine Affects Fences Any adverse effects on fencing will be […]

Summer Fence Maintenance for Wooden Fencing

Wooden fencing comes in a variety of forms, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of the type of wood used to construct them. There are also various different construction methods, as well as a selection of finishes that are suitable for wooden fencing. All these factors will affect your summer fence […]

What are the Main Causes of Post and Fence Rot

Wet and dry rot are the two greatest threats to any type of wooden fence. Fences treated with protective oils when they’re built help to keep them safe from the elements. Over time the strength of these oils diminishes, causing the fence to dry out and become quite brittle. When this happens, the structural integrity […]

The Best Tips for Painting or Staining Your Fence Before Winter

One of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home is to have a good looking fence. Over time, your fence will start to show wear and tear so you will need to paint or stain it every few years to keep it looking nice. If you have a wooden fence then […]

Prep Your Wooden Fence for Cooler Fall Weather

The leaves are starting to fall and so is the temperature so it’s time to kick back by the fire and relax, right? That depends on if you have a wooden fence or not. Wooden fences are extremely popular because they add a certain homey feeling to a property but they are not the best […]

How to Remove Mildew From Your Wooden Fence

A good looking wooden fence really makes a property stand out. They are a popular choice for fencing specifically because they have such a nice “homey” feel to them. The problem is keeping them looking that way. Wooden fences are great but they are more vulnerable to the elements and decay than other materials. They […]

What Type of Fence Would be Best for Your Home?

Deciding on the right fence often takes more deliberation than you might expect. It is a design decision because you want it to blend seamlessly with your home but it also serves a specific function.  A privacy fence may look great but you would never want one around your pool and you wouldn’t want to […]

How to Take Care of Your New Wooden Fence

A nice looking wooden fence is a great way to add value to your property and keep your pets where they belong. The only problem is that you need to do a little periodic maintenance to ensure they stay nice. Wood is vulnerable to the elements and over time it will deteriorate and can even […]

Stain Your Wooden Fence and Get it Looking Great for Summer

Wooden fences are by far the most popular with Atlanta Fence Builders. They add a homey touch to your property while serving many different functions. A Wooden Fence can be used to keep your children and pets safely in the yard, keep out your neighbors prying eyes or just act as a boundary demarcation. The […]