How to Remove Mildew From Your Wooden Fence

A good looking wooden fence really makes a property stand out. They are a popular choice for fencing specifically because they have such a nice “homey” feel to them. The problem is keeping them looking that way. Wooden fences are great but they are more vulnerable to the elements and decay than other materials. They […]

Proper Fence Building Etiquette and Tips

If you are a DIY type then building a fence might be the perfect weekend project for you, depending on the material. If not, a great Atlanta fence contractor can get the job done!  A standard wooden picket fence is a great choice when trying to decide on a residential fence.  Just remember, a fence […]

How to Repair a Wooden Fence Pt. 1 – Railing

Wooden fences are one of the most common types of fencing in neighborhoods and subdivisions. They add a lot to the look of your home but being wood, they are susceptible to rot and deterioration. With a few materials, you can try to make repairs on your wooden fence yourself but if the damage is […]

How to Choose the Perfect Fence Material

For a long time, building a fence was a rather simple process. You could choose from wood, stone or wrought iron depending on the style of fence that you wanted and what role you needed it to play. People chose wood for its low cost and wrought iron for enhanced security. Today there are many […]

Spring Maintenance for Your Wooden Fence

Your local Alpharetta GA fence company knows that soon everyone will be planning barbecues and family gatherings during Spring. You may be ready to go and play in the yard but is your yard ready for company? Most wooden fences have been sealed against the elements, and only need a little bit of help to stay in […]

4 Tips to Make sure Your Wooden Fence Doesn’t get Frost Bite this Winter!

Your local Alpharetta GA fence company wants you to know that after installing your wooden fence, quality fence maintenance is a part of keeping it looking great for years. This is especially true during the winter months when harsh weather can really wreak havoc on wood. There is more moisture in the air and fluctuating temperatures […]