What are the Main Causes of Post and Fence Rot

Wet and dry rot are the two greatest threats to any type of wooden fence. Fences treated with protective oils when they’re built help to keep them safe from the elements. Over time the strength of these oils diminishes, causing the fence to dry out and become quite brittle. When this happens, the structural integrity […]

Fence Tips: How to Keep Weeds off the Fence Line

Post holes for fencing can be dug anywhere from 18 to 36 inches deep; deeper for an extremely high fence. When a weed appears on a fence line, it is likely that the root system has already intertwined itself with the underground section of post. On electric fences, pesky weeds can short out the lines […]

Should You Rebuild Your Fence Before Selling Your Home?

Things have started looking up for homeowners who are interested in putting their property up for sale. For years now, the market for residential property has been stagnating, with houses lingering for years. But recently, sales have been steadily picking up across the country. The downside to this increased activity in the market is that […]

How to Repair a Wooden Fence Pt. 2 – Fence Sections

Replacing a rail or post on wooden fences is a fairly straightforward process. It only affects a small area and usually doesn’t take long to do. When you have to replace an entire fence section, it gets a little more in depth. If you are not comfortable working with your hands then you may want […]

Top 3 Tips for Maintaining your Fence this Winter!

Your Alpharetta GA fence company wants you to know how important it is to maintain your fence through the winter months. There are many weather conditions in the winter months that will cause excessive wear. You should be aware of how the freezing, snowy, wet months affect your fence and what you can do to […]