Avoid this Huge Mistake When Building a New Fence

Just like in any construction project, there can be hidden pitfalls and delays when you try to build a new fence. It all starts normally enough. You look out at your warped, gap toothed old fence and realize that it would be more at home surrounding a cemetery or possibly a Halloween attraction. So you […]

Can I Have a Fence Installed in the Winter?

One of the most common questions asked of fencing companies during the winter is, “How will it affect the installation?” Most people are surprised when they are told that it probably won’t have any effect at all. If you work with a professional fence company then a fence installation is actually a little easier during […]

Steel Security Fencing Option for Your Home

Chamblee fence options are numerous, but what is at the heart of many fence installations is security. People want their fences to provide security and protection to their loved ones by keeping family and belongings safe from burglars and intruders. This is very important whether you are building a new fence or planning to upgrade an […]