The Top 5 Reasons to Install a Pool Fence this Summer

Now that spring has arrived a few of you are probably making plans to install a pool, and a pool fence. The proper fence can be just as important as how big the pool is, or where you will put it. Most people think that a fence is only needed for aesthetics but there are much […]

Install a Pet Fence for Your Pup this Summer

Install a pet fence! You may say that it will be an inside dog, and you don’t need a fence, but at some point your puppy will need to go out. Inside your home, you will need to remove any poisonous plants from the rooms that the puppy will be in. Any dangling electrical cords will […]

Fence Cleaning | What’s the Best Way?

Fence cleaning is something on many “Honey-Do Lists” as the weather heats up and spring cleaning reaches outside the home. Fence cleaning greatly depends on what kinds of materials were used to build it.  If the tips found here don’t seem to fit the job at hand, contacting an Atlanta GA fence contractor with a […]