Begin Your Back Yard Renovation with a New Fence

During the winter almost everything sees a lull except for retail stores. Business tends to be a bit slow, family and friends tend to be heading out of town for holiday plans and working around the house doesn’t sound like much fun. But if you can push through the inertia of the holidays, winter is […]

The Best Tips for Painting or Staining Your Fence Before Winter

One of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home is to have a good looking fence. Over time, your fence will start to show wear and tear so you will need to paint or stain it every few years to keep it looking nice. If you have a wooden fence then […]

Prep Your Wooden Fence for Cooler Fall Weather

The leaves are starting to fall and so is the temperature so it’s time to kick back by the fire and relax, right? That depends on if you have a wooden fence or not. Wooden fences are extremely popular because they add a certain homey feeling to a property but they are not the best […]

What Type of Fence Would be Best for Your Home?

Deciding on the right fence often takes more deliberation than you might expect. It is a design decision because you want it to blend seamlessly with your home but it also serves a specific function.  A privacy fence may look great but you would never want one around your pool and you wouldn’t want to […]

Can I Have a Fence Installed in the Winter?

One of the most common questions asked of fencing companies during the winter is, “How will it affect the installation?” Most people are surprised when they are told that it probably won’t have any effect at all. If you work with a professional fence company then a fence installation is actually a little easier during […]

How to Take Care of Your New Wooden Fence

A nice looking wooden fence is a great way to add value to your property and keep your pets where they belong. The only problem is that you need to do a little periodic maintenance to ensure they stay nice. Wood is vulnerable to the elements and over time it will deteriorate and can even […]

Proper Fence Building Etiquette and Tips

If you are a DIY type then building a fence might be the perfect weekend project for you, depending on the material. If not, a great Atlanta fence contractor can get the job done!  A standard wooden picket fence is a great choice when trying to decide on a residential fence.  Just remember, a fence […]

How do I Choose the Best Pool Fence?

Finding the proper Atlanta Pool Fence involves a lot more variables than you might expect at first glance. Safety is of course the primary concern but there are also regulations concerning what type of material you can use around a pool and how your Atlanta Pool Fence is designed. For instance, to keep children from […]

How to Decorate Your Picket Fence for Summer

If you have a picket fence, perhaps that stark, white picket fence encircling your front yard is too bland for your taste. The picket fence has long been a staple of the American dream involving a home, kids, and a dog. Yet, you never hear much about how to spruce up that picket fence for […]

Perform Summer Maintenance on Your Fence to Make it Last

Summer fence maintenance is important to keep up with every year as temperatures soar and the humidity threatens your fence.  Even if the structure around your property is made of wrought iron or chain link, the heat and humidity of Georgia summers can wreak havoc on hinges, joints, and begin to rust the metal itself. […]