Have a Pool? Install a Fence

Installing a pool fence in Marietta around your pool can greatly increase if not completely eliminate any dangers that pools pose, and capitalize on their ultimate fun and family-friendliness. Pools are fun and are one of the best ways to beat the heat on those hot Marietta summer days.They are also one of every little kids most […]

Fun Ideas for Your Pool Fence

Got a pool? Then you’re probably considering building a pool fence in Atlanta. There are many reasons to build a pool fence in Atlanta, but hands down the biggest reason is for safety — especially if you have children, or even if there’s a possibility neighborhood children might be tempted to use your pool on […]

5 Things to Remember when Building a great Atlanta Pool Fence

Are you thinking about adding a Pool Fence in Atlanta to your home? In some places, pool fences are a must because the neighborhood or city says so. Other places, there isn’t any regulation or law that makes pool owners put up a pool fence, however that doesn’t make it any less of a must. […]

Pool Fence Code Keeps Kids Safe

Pool fence code is important when one wants to build something that provides the optimal amount of safety and privacy.  Pool fence code is clearly laid out by the Consumer Products Safety Commission and in this article those guidelines will be outlined to give a good idea of what they are.  To take out any […]