When Should You Consider Replacing Fences?

The lifespan of any fence will depend on the materials used and how well it was maintained. It will also depend on the quality of workmanship during installation. The fact is that some fence materials last longer than others, and if you don’t maintain a fence regularly, it is more likely to deteriorate, regardless of […]

Best Fences for Pets

Most families have pets of some sort, and their needs must be taken into account, not just in terms of food and water, but also the environment in which they live. Dogs, in particular, need space to run, walk and play, and a place to do their business. While taking dogs for regular walks will […]

Which Material Makes a Better Atlanta Pet Fence

This Atlanta fence contractor talks about some of the different options that you, as a pet owner, have for your Atlanta pet fence. One of the best ways to protect your pet and your neighbors is to simply have a pet fence installed. They are not that expensive and the right fencing choice can even […]

Install a Pet Fence for Your Pup this Summer

Install a pet fence! You may say that it will be an inside dog, and you don’t need a fence, but at some point your puppy will need to go out. Inside your home, you will need to remove any poisonous plants from the rooms that the puppy will be in. Any dangling electrical cords will […]

Get a Head Start. Know Your Facts Before Choosing a Pet Fence!

Your GA Pet Fence Builder wants you to be ahead for spring and know the facts before choosing a pet fence. Pet fences are very important to have around your home. This is especially so if you like letting your friend run around outdoors during nice weather. There are many things you need to decide […]

Tips for Professionally Installing Your Atlanta Dog Fence

When installing an Atlanta dog fence there are many things to take into consideration. Perhaps the biggest things homeowners go back and forth on are whether or not to hire a professional to install their Atlanta dog fence. If you don’t have much experience with large projects such as this, simply don’t have enough time […]

Dog Fence Options

There are many dog fence options for those living in the Atlanta GA area.  The kind of fence that fits best usually has a lot to do with budget and zoning laws.  If a traditional, aboveground fence is allowed by the neighborhood charter or zoning laws, there is a fence to fit any style of […]

Great Dog Fences for Pet Owners

Great Dog fences in Atlanta GA can be difficult when many areas don’t allow a traditional, aboveground fence to be installed.  An underground fence is a great way to keep a do safe without building a traditional fence.  To do this the best way to start is by installing the fence underground per the directions and […]