Choosing the Best Fence for Your Needs

Fencing by definition encloses certain areas and forms a barrier. But in reality fences have many more specific uses and they fulfill a number of different functions. So, before you decide what kind of fence you are going to build it is important to define your needs. Once you have done that you can look […]

Don’t Let the Summer Sunshine Affect Your Fence

Summer sunshine brightens up our lives, but it can have quite the opposite effect on our fences and other outdoor structures. In fact, sunlight does more damage to more materials than any other natural element, including wood, vinyl, and even some types of metal. How Sunshine Affects Fences Any adverse effects on fencing will be […]

Tips to Get Your Fence and Backyard Ready for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and before you know it you’re going to want to spend more time outdoors. But how is your outdoor area looking? We all know that winter can take its toll on any backyard or patio space. Even though plants, shrubs, and trees quickly spring back to life, there is […]

Advantages of Hiring an Atlanta Fence Company vs DIY

You can save lots of money by tackling your own home improvement projects rather than hiring a professional company to do them for you. Home improvements can also be a lot of fun, but if you don’t have the skills required or the time needed to complete the project quickly, then you might need to […]

How Much Will a New Fence Cost in Atlanta, GA?

Whether you are planning to contract an Atlanta fence company to build your new fence or plan to do the job yourself, you should do some math before you decide exactly what you are going to do. The length and height of any new fence will have a major impact on its cost, as will […]

The Best Material for Secure Metal Fencing

Whether you are planning to build a fence for security or safety reasons, metal is an excellent option. It is strong, durable, good-looking, and offers a fantastically low-maintenance solution. But how do you decide which type of fence to choose for secure metal fencing? Types of Metal Used for Fencing Both aluminum and steel are […]

Winter is a Perfect Time to Plan Your New Atlanta Fencing Project

Winter isn’t the best time of year to spend leisure hours outdoors, but it is a perfect time to spend planning a new Atlanta fencing project that will benefit you next year. Whether part of a general landscaping plan, for privacy, or to make your home more secure, fencing is an ideal project to plan in […]

Will a Fence Installation Increase the Value of My Home?

We construct and erect fences for many different reasons, and so value for money will depend largely on your needs. This will, in turn, depend on function, style, and the effect you want your fence installation to have. It will also depend on the materials you use for fencing as well as its height and […]

Mind this Fence Etiquette to Avoid Neighbor Disputes

It’s important that your fence doesn’t start disputes in your neighborhood that could and should easily be avoided. If you’re installing a brand new fence, there are a few commonsense rules that must be followed. If you’re willing to play along with etiquette that has long been proven to be effective, you’ll have zero disputes […]

The Right Time to Get Started on Your New Fence

When it’s cold outside, it’s rare for some people to think about doing outside work. However, the cold months are the best time to plan and strategize so that you pull together the elements of important outdoor projects. Spring and summer are the busiest months to have a fence built, which comes as little surprise. […]